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9 Days Late

It’s the 9th of January.  I should have started on the first, but it didn’t happen…because today I got mad and said, “Ok, time to make yet another blog.”  I have four others:

  1. deviantArt– This one is for updating people on my life.  I don’t think anyone reads it anymore though…
  2. Live Journal– No one reads that, that was a joke.
  3. Tumblr– This is for when I become a merchandise manager…
  4. Blogspot– This is a blog for writing.  Either articles I have read or updates on my own writing, or things that people want to read about writing.
  5. And now Word Press.  The reason I started another one is because:
  • I needed a sort of ‘diary,’ except I know at least one or two people will read it.
  • I wanted to try out this site, and I didn’t know what to use it for.

Basically, my objective with this blog is, I have no objective.  Just random thoughts and ideas, and maybe even a little bit about my day.

Yes, definitely a little bit about my day.

Another reason why I started this is because a friend of mine started one, and he kind of made me start one too…or rather, the blog itself made me want to start another one.  I can tell this is going to be different though.  I don’t know why, but it will.

So as I said…nope, I didn’t say it.  Ok then…

Let’s Play Catch Up

I started school again today, it was the first day of a new quarter.  I go to the Art Institute of Tennessee, in Nashville.  I’m going for audio production.  Anyway, last quarter was very…difficult.  Apparently, it was difficult for a lot of people.  I just think it was spiritual.

  1. Week One– On the Monday of the last week of school, it was my birthday, so I got my nose pierced (I can’t tell you how long it took me to spell that word right…aw heck, I had to use spell check).  My mom got her’s pierced too.  We got it done at a tattoo shop.  Quick Story: Mom has always wanted a tattoo, and I’ve wanted one since ’06 I believe.  She said she wanted our first one to be the same.  It took us 5 years to come up with something we both liked.  So Mom gave the designer our design, and we came back that Wednesday?  Saturday?  One of those days, and we were blown away.  Our design was pretty good.  Her design was…no words.  So we came back the following Monday, which was the start of week one, and we both got our first tattoo.  I wanted each week to have a ‘theme’ or a goal set to each.  That week was…room cleaning, I think.  And I did that…  It doesn’t look awesome, but you can see the floor.  So, success.
  2. Week Two– I think this was picture editing week.  And it happened.  I forgot to mention I got a new camera on my birthday.  A Sony Alpha 35.  And yes, I am a huge picture taker.  My favorite photographer is Jeremy Cowart (who I got to meet last month, the Saturday before my birthday.  I can die happy.  Really, really happy).  And I had gone to a free, small concert on the Wednesday after I got my tattoo, so on week two I edited those pictures.
  3. Week Three– On Saturday, my mother splurged and got a Wii.  And Twilight Princess.  And Skyward Sword (major Zelda fan here).  So, ‘story editing’ week turned into ‘Twilight Princess’ week.  I have no shame.

And now today, I went to school.


So last week, I actually turned off the Wii (what is this ‘turning off’ you speak of?) and checked my e-mail.  My teacher e-mailed a bunch of people and asked for some help in the studio (we have a recording studio at the school).  I replied saying that I would love to help (or else I would be playing TP…all day…) and he responded and said he would like my help on Saturday from 12p.m.-8p.m.  I was really excited.  I was going to be in the studio!  So, on Saturday, I got there at 11:55a.m. and waited.  I was the only one around, so I was wondering if I got the right Saturday.  Or maybe I was just really awesome for showing up early.  He showed up at about 12:15, even though he was still in the building.

Anyway, the guy he was recording came and my teacher, John, asked me to set up mics (microphones…why did I feel the need to specify that?).  1:00 came around, and it turns out, I was going to be the only one there with them.  This frightened me a little.  First of all, I’m not that great in the studio.  I don’t know a lot about the board or patching, or preamps.  And second, I’m a little intimidated by John.  The only audio teacher I’m intimidated by, and he’s the one I’m working with.  But the funny thing is, I sure can set up microphones on mic stands and I sure can plug cables into them.  And that’s what he had me do.  After figuring this out, I wasn’t that scared anymore.  I was in a position I was very comfortable being in.  The assistant engineer.  I didn’t have to touch the board or play around with ProTools.  But I did order pizza.

As the time went on, I became more and more impressed with him.  I had him as a teacher two quarters ago, and he was not my cup of tea.  He’s my teacher again this quarter too, and I’m much more comfortable.  He’s very impressive.  He thanked me quite a few times, and I learned that we both have some of the same ideas in music.  Every time he would make a suggestion, I would be thinking, “Dude, that’s what I was just thinking.”  It was so much fun.  And guess what I learned?  It was real!  What I mean by that is, John was a real producer/engineer.  He was actually getting paid.  I was actually working on a paid session.  I was a real assistant.  It filled my heart with rainbows!  Before I left, he told me to e-mail him if I was interested in helping out again.  That tells me two things: I didn’t screw up bad enough for him to not want me to come back, and he liked me.  Those are the same thing, but one’s more positive than the other.

And now today.  There was a moment when I looked up to Heaven, and I pretty much saw God wink at me.  And here it is:

So there’s this guy-

Whoa!  Hold up there a minute!  A guy?

Yes, forgive me, I talk about guys.  I like guys.  Guys are awesome.  Now let me finish!

Two quarters ago, I saw this guys.  And why do I keep putting an ‘s’ at the end of ‘guy’?  My apologies.

I saw this guy.  And let’s just suppose he’s good-looking since I’m talking about him.  Oh heck, let’s just say that if I mention a guy in any blog post, he’s good-looking, and that is why I’m mentioning him.  Unless noted otherwise.  Or he’s just a friend…he could be a good-looking friend though…

So this guy…runs with a different crowd, if you will.  And I thought, “I will never get to talk to him, and I’m ok with that.”  I got to the class room at 9:30a.m. (class starts at 10), and I’m the only one standing there.  And here he comes, walking down the hall.  I recognize him because he’s good-looking we had a class together.  He walks down the hall, and then he walks back to where I am.  He asked if it was the room for our class, and I said yes.  And then we talked.

I’m starting to learn that it doesn’t matter what crowd you run with in college.  Everyone talks to everyone.  And even though it was just us by the room, he didn’t have to talk to me.  But he did.  And you know what?  I did not make a fool of myself.  There used to be this rule that, every time I talk to a guy for the first time, I have to say something stupid.  It’s true, that was a real rule.  Now it looks like that doesn’t apply to me anymore.

“Dearest Sarah,” (that’s me), “why does this matter?”

I don’t know.  It doesn’t.  It doesn’t matter at all.  I didn’t say something stupid or stutter or say the wrong thing.  That’s what matters out of this.

This is going to be a good class.

And Chris and Andrew walked by the student lounge and actually waved to me.

I am so going to ease my way back in with their group.  I miss them.

SO, how was that for a first post?

In conclusion, I have absolutely no objective for this blog.  It’s just going to be for fun.  And yes, I will post pictures.  I swear.

Bye, I guess.


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