This is just for fun, that's all…

Should I…? Should I…?

Should I fight the boss?

Should I go see Telma?

Should I see Ilia?

I beat the Snowpeak boss today, and then I beat Skull Kid, and then I went into the Temple of Time, and then I got the boss key.  I wasn’t going to beat the boss, but when I asked Mom if I should, she said, “Just go see what it is.”  I did, and then I beat it.

Staying on this topic, I seriously think Twilight Princess is my second favorite game.  Going back in time to see the temple of time, and having the statue following me (like in Wind Waker, except you were the statue), it’s just an awesome game.

Anyway, I kept asking Mom, “Should I…?”, even though I had to take a shower (still do) and she had a show to watch, and she kept saying yes.

I finally ended before finding the hidden village.

I did nothing today.  Mom called out of work today, and it ended up “snowing” later on (not really, there were a couple of flakes.  And yes, schools are closed…)

I made chocolate covered pretzels the other day.  Yum yum.

I can’t believe I’m starting to talk about food.

Good bye.

Quick Edit

I forgot to talk about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the first day of my last class, with the teacher I helped out in the studio last Saturday.  The same artist is coming in.

I wonder how it will go…

We’ll see.

Also, happy 33rd birthday Jeremy!


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  1. i don’t know – sounds like a good day

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