This is just for fun, that's all…

I Hate Wind

Mom and I got new head phones today.  They focus too much on the lower frequencies, so the music is really muffled.

And then I played Twilight Princess.  Back tracking sucks.  And getting the horse call this late in the game, also sucks.

But at least I have it now.

And then the hidden village and running back and forth and the owl statues and then the sky.

And then the temple and the boss.  I’m not a big fan of wind, blowing me off bridges and fans blowing me all around the room.  Pah.  I love having two clawshots now though.

And now the mirror is put back together.  I was going to continue but I wanted to watch the Broncos and the Patriots.  After two Patriot touchdowns in less than 10 minutes, Mom switched the channel to Psych.  I love that show.

I ate popcorn, two and a half clementines, and a…peanut butter and chocolate brownie bar.  It wasn’t a candy bar, and it wasn’t a granola bar either.  It tasted like a brownie.

I’m tired.

Good night.



Comments on: "I Hate Wind" (2)

  1. Oh! – Now you’ve gone and made me hungry!!
    ~shakes fist in anger~

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