This is just for fun, that's all…

I swear, I’m not pregnant!

I haven’t been feeling good today, but every few seconds I want something different to eat.  Chicken, popcorn, vanilla ice cream with powdered chocolate, crackers and cheese and turkey sausage.  I’m surprised I didn’t crave pickles (stereotyping pregnant women).  I did end up having chicken though, and garlic mashed potatoes.

I’ve also been very tired.  The kind of tired where I’m afraid to close my eyes because I might, literally, fall asleep.  I almost did while taking a shower, and I almost did fall while walking by my bed.

Congratulations Patriots, Ravens, 49ers, and Giants.  I won’t make a prediction because I apparently suck at them.

As for Twilight Princess.  I woke up this morning and though, “I can’t wait to go to the mirror.”  I have been doing so well this entire time.  Everything had been going so great that I told myself I would play this game again.  Nah uh, not anymore.  Not since I discovered the freaking Wall Master things that come after the Sols.  I got past one room (by the grace of God, because I have no other explanation as to how it happened), but that second room Pissed.  Me.  Off.  I tried so many times, but it just kept getting the ball.  I finally gave up.  I was pretty upset.

I watched a bunch of crap shows today.  I watched a little bit of the Ravens/Texans game, but that didn’t last long.  I did watch the Big Bang Theory.  That’s a good show.  I also watched two episodes of 30 Rock.  It’s just one of those shows I don’t get.  Anyway, I also tried watching the Giants/Green Bay game.  I watched that one for a while actually.  Great game.

Speaking of football, while I’m on the subject, I did think about something today.  It has been a while since a football game has…impressed me.  I haven’t watched one that made me get up off the bed and cheer and holler, or on the other hand, get up off the bed and yell at someone (the players or the refs).  It’s been a while.  I’m still looking for it.

I think that’s it.  No school tomorrow (thanks, Mr. King, for…living…).  I forgot that I was going to text someone before Friday (oops), but I’m glad I didn’t go over to their house, because I would have stayed till 4 or 5 this afternoon, and I woke up not feeling good.  And I don’t like not feeling good at someone else’s house.

I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow.  I just found out that last two football games are on Wednesday the 22nd.  I can watch one, but not the other.  There has to be a guy in class with the scores.

OH!  AND, I just found out something.  I’m kind of excited to write about this.  I’m not excited about the actual thing that happened, just the fact that I get to write about it.

Last quarter, I had this final project.  I was in a group with 3 other people: A, J, and E.  I call them this because those are the letters of their first names, and because I don’t want to actually tell you their names.

To make a long, long story short, we didn’t do well.


  • A: Decided not to take a studio class this quarter.
  • J: Dropped out of school and went back home.
  • E: Failed that studio class.

So that means, I’m the only one out of that group to move forward.  A could have but chose not to.

This also means, since E failed, they can’t take this studio class or the other one that I am in.  THIS means, that I am the only female in Live Sound.

I, dear reader of this here blog post, am in Heaven.

And that concludes today’s blog post.

Good bye.

And I have a terrible, terrible taste in my mouth.


Comments on: "I Want Ice Cream And Turkey Sausage" (2)

  1. hey – congrats on being the only female. That can’t but help increase chances at gigs right ?- between equal oppurtunity employment and and that female techies are rare and cooler!?
    Oh and yeah – no falling asleep in the bath or shower.

    • Thank you! It doesn’t really do anything for gigs, but my teacher might see me and notice that I am the only female and that I am understanding and serious. Being the only female, I do stand out more, so that in itself will help a lot too.

      I actually have fallen asleep in the bath and the shower before. And look, I’m still alive :P.

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