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The One Who’s Not A Guy

I had a topic to write about, but then I read a comment that made me want to change it.  I had been wanting to write about topic one for a while now, and I wanted to put it on my writer’s blog.  An article I read today makes me want to write about it, which I will do tomorrow on my other blog.  I may still post it here sometime, but I’ll put it over there first.

So, on to topic two.

Yesterday, I wrote about being the only female in one of my classes, Live Sound.  Live Sound consists of working the sound board for concerts, weddings, speeches, plays, you name it.  If it’s live, and it has sound, that’s what this class is for.

I got a comment on it, which you can go read, and my comment actually made me think.  Here’s what the comment said:

hey – congrats on being the only female. That can’t but help increase chances at gigs right ?- between equal oppurtunity employment and and that female techies are rare and cooler!?

First of all, yes, female techies are rare and they are cooler…and no, I’m not biased…kind of…

Second of all, it made me think.  Being the only female in that class makes me stand out.  Even if I didn’t want to, I automatically am.  So, that’s half the battle right there.

Being in this school, and going to school for audio, you have to stand out.  You are not only competing against the people in your classes, but you are competing against everyone.  Those who are going out, and those who are just coming in.  Of course, that too goes for those in the animation side, and the video side, and so on and so forth.

When I started school, I can remember at least seven girls that started with me.  I’m probably missing more, but as of right now, I can think of eight (including me).

You know how many there are now?

Five.  Five?  Really?  I was hoping there would be two or three, to make my point stronger.


Anyway, I guess that point doesn’t really matter.  I only know of two other females who are ahead of me.  Two. 

Where in God’s name was I going with this?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, being a female holds a lot of power.  Not just in relationships, but in life in general.  Sure, you might be discriminated against because you’re not a guy, but what about that one chance you get, that one chance that someone gives you to throw all of that aside and show yourself.

Being the only female in this class may give me a one up or it may totally ruin me.  Depending on which way I make it for myself.  If I do awesome, and I show that I know things, I’m already in the spotlight, so that will show that I know what I’m doing.  I’m up against a lot more.  I am one of three females in my studio class.  No big deal.  I’m the only one in the live sound class.  Big deal.

Are you understanding anything that I am saying?

In conclusion, I guess I’m saying I have to show that I can run with the guys, you know?  And the funny thing is, that’s what I’ve been doing all of my life.  That’s what I’ve been doing since I got here.  Not because there are a lot of guys around, but because I like guys.  A lot.  So, it shouldn’t be hard to show that I should be here and that I’m good and stuff.  And, that is kind of already happening over in the studio class with my teacher John.  Man, I am totally helpful and reliable and dependable.  He sees that every time he comes to class, because I’m either the only person, or one of two people who is there, waiting for him.  Even at the session, I showed up five minutes before he asked.  I even e-mailed him with information that he needed before class ended on Friday, but didn’t get it because he was late.  Dude, you can count on me.  That right there will get me a job.

“Hey John, I need an assistant for a session, do you know anyone who can help?”

Sure, he’s going to think of other people first.  But if non of them can make it, he just might think about me.  Maybe.  I just might make an impact on him someday, and I might come to his mind, and I might go to a session, and that engineer/producer might say, “Hey, you’ve got a great personality, you were here early, you’re efficient and helpful and you make everyone feel happy.  I like you.  Come work for me.”

(By the way, those things I just said, people have said some of those things to me, so I’m not completely full of myself).

You never know, that just might happen.

This blog post was useless.  I’m going to bed now.

Well, not bed.  I’m just leaving.

Good night.

By the way, I tried making this post a little more exciting, that’s why I changed the colors and the text size.  I don’t think it worked very well, but I’m leaving it.

That is all.

I noticed I said “only female” a lot.  God am I sorry I ever wrote this thing.

P.S. I did not know that everything was going to be capped.  Ugh, you guys, I apologize again.  It looks like the worst blog post ever.  Next time I’m just using straight up HTML.  Freaking…just…no.


Comments on: "The One Who’s Not A Guy" (2)

  1. i think you have a strange definition of the term ‘waste’.
    glad i could make you think. One day i’m going to see your name fly by in the credits of a major motion picture – or on the back of a CD.
    Finding out about the thoughts that happened during the journey to that moment – (the award for best sound goes to.._ ) is not a waste.

    • Well, funny thing is, that’s not what I want to do. And engineers don’t get awards. Producers do though, but that’s one award they don’t show on t.v.

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