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And It’s Only Wednesday

I didn’t feel well on Sunday.  So negativity decided to creep in.

  • I had a terrible time playing Twilight Princess
  • I won’t succeed in what I’m going to school for
  • My partner for my final project has yet to get in contact with me
  • I can’t find a band
  • My dad doesn’t care (I have a whole blog post in me about this topic…)

And it’s only Wednesday.

So yesterday, I listened to a CD I got for Christmas.  I had been trying to find this CD everywhere I went.  I tried to see them in concert, but they ended up not showing up.  I finally get the CD, and you know what?  Well worth the wait.  It’s one of those CDs that you listen to and say, “You know, I don’t understand a word you just sang, but I know that when I do understand it, it’s going to be good.”  The music was awesome though.  I tried to put up a song from the album, but it’s not working at the moment.  I did forget to tell you what it was.  It’s Sent By Ravens.

About that last thing there on the list.  Something happened last year and it upset me and I just remembered it again last night.  That’s all.

So Heather.  She wants me to come over this weekend to help her record her demo.  I wouldn’t mind that.  The thing with her is, if I come over, she’ll stop asking me for a couple of weeks.  She’s really cool, when she’s not trying to be better than everyone.  She’s on of those ‘one-uppers’ we all have or have had in our lives.  But it’s kind of understandable, considering her life and all.  It just…it just bugs me.

And it’s only Wednesday.

I’m going to go listen to music from 1997.  Because I miss it and I love it and I just need to chill.

Good bye.


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