This is just for fun, that's all…

By the way, mixers don’t find signals.  At least, not this one anyway.

I don’t know how long ago it was, but I did a load in for a concert (brining in the speakers and lights and instruments and equipment.  Everything from the bus).  I believe I was in school at that point.  Well, I went up to the guys at the sound board and I asked them a question about in-ear monitors.  He spouted out some random thing I didn’t understand.  He didn’t seem like he wanted to explain it any easier, so I just said, “Oh, ok” and left.  I figured I’d ask one of my teachers when the time came, or, figure it out on my own.

So now I’m in Live Sound, which deals with in-ear monitors.

So last night my teacher brought out a sound board.  And at the end of class, I decided to ask him about in-ear monitors.  So what I did was ask, “How do in-ear monitors work?”  And he explained the signal flow very well, and I understood that.  Ok, but then I had another question.  I didn’t know how to ask it.  I had no wording that would both make sense and show that I know how to speak.  So I just asked it.

“How does the mixer find the signal?”

Like I said, mixers don’t find signals.  And I knew that.  But that was the only way I could ask it.

My teacher looked at me for a minute, re-asked my question, went over to the mixer, and explained.  He understood what I meant.  Now that is talent. Taking something that makes absolutely no sense and giving the person the answer they were looking for, knowing what they meant to ask even though the person who asked the question is confused with themselves.

Talent, I tell you.

Well, tonight I’m seeing a movie with my mother.  Red Tails.  I would let you know how it is, but when I get home I’m probably going to go to bed because I have school in the morning.  And I’m going over to someone’s house to weekend, so I’ll be gone…all week, of course.  (I won’t be able to play Twilight Princess!  Sad day).  But don’t worry, you’ll still see blog posts from me.  I’ll write them and have them be sent out each day.  Because I’m magic!

Talk to you all later.  I’m going to go have a Pot Pie.

Good bye.


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