This is just for fun, that's all…

Skunk Tape

The weekend started out strange.  Heather came over to my house, and I made her chocolate milk and nachos.  Then she told my mom and I a little bit about her dad.

On the way to her house, we found out we both like the same smells: skunk, gasoline, old book, and tape (for an analog tape machine).  We then joked about how, when she gets famous and comes out with her own perfume, those are the smells it’s going to be made of and it’s going to be called “Skunk Tape.”

The next day, I got to see a little bit more of her and her mom’s relationship, and Heather told me how she felt when her mom acted that way.  I also found out how she got to be so close with these three guys, and why she feels so close to them and talks about them all the time.

On Sunday, Heather told me a story she has never told me before, and I found out a lot more about her.  It was a very open weekend between us.  We even had a pretty deep conversation in the car when she drove me home.

It’s been a year and a half and she’s still around.  I have a habit of getting bored with people after a year, but she’s still around.  And she was very open with me.

I usually want to leave her house after a weekend with her.  I usually can’t wait to get home and have some peace and quiet.  But after this weekend and understanding her a little more, I can’t wait to see her again, because I know that I play an important role in her life.  She has other people, but she only has one me.

In other news, today my teacher put us into groups for live sound.  I wanted to be in a group with Derek, because he’s so enthusiastic and I knew he’d be a good partner.  I didn’t think we’d be in a group though, because there would be four people in a group, and I’m number three on the attendance list and there is one person below me and then Derek (is it weird that I know these things?  That should be tomorrow’s blog).  Well, Jason (my teacher) decided to skip the first two people, since they haven’t been in class.  When I heard that, I used my lightning fast mind to determine who was going to be in my group.  Turns out it’s going to be me, Stephen, and Derek.  Jason is going to be number four.

Does Jesus love me?  This I know!

Tomorrow, I’m going to get up at 6 a.m. and go with Mom when she sees the lawyer.  Heather told me it takes a long time, but the appointment is at 6 a.m. and my class is at 6 p.m. so I should still go to school.

I’m going to watch Criminal Minds then head to bed.  I love this show.

Good night guys!


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