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On A Scale From 120 To 130

I would think that having a scale would make me self conscious about my weight.  When I lived at my grandma’s house, I would always go on her scale.  But even though we have one here, I don’t go on it as much.  And it’s not so much “out of sight, out of mind” because the Grandma’s scale was more out of sight than this one.  But yea, that’s that.

I have discovered that I remember things.  Of course, we all remember things.  But, I remember things.  I remember who was in my Listening and Analysis class a year and a half ago.  I remember how a room is set up after a week of not being in it.  I remember little things here and there.  It’s so weird how my brain is getting better at remembering things.  I think it’s because I wake up in the morning and ask God for wisdom.  Like David.  God asked David what he wanted, and he asked for wisdom, and then he became the richest king.  In fact, he is still the richest person to ever live.  Yes, yes I will ask for wisdom, thank you very much.  My philosophy on wisdom is this: If I ask for riches, it will run out, and I’ll have to ask for it again.  If I ask for wisdom, I’ll have the knowledge on how to get riches for the rest of my life.  Asking for wisdom really does help.

I’m actually writing this at 12:30a.m. because I don’t know what time I’m getting home.  I’ll probably take a nap.

I also thought of something to write, kind of like a short story, except it’s shorter than a short story.  Which I hope to be able to do tomorrow.

I’ll write more tomorrow about what happened today.  I might even have a story about tonight’s class (the one with the negative teacher).  I don’t know what’s going to happen with all of that.  Heather and I talked about a plan, but we’ll see how the teacher is.

Good day to you, reader.


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