This is just for fun, that's all…


I sent a message to a very well-known Christian music mixer and I talked to him about what my negative teacher says about the music business.  And you know what?  He replied back!  I was so excited.  I was also excited when he told me my teacher was right, that the music industry is as bad as he says it is.

Why was I excited?

It gave me a reason to quit school.

I told God that if I got a job I’d quit school.

Two places near me put up hiring signs.

So I applied.  If I get a job, I quit after this quarter.

  1. First of all, I have been wanting to quit for a year and five months.  But I never got a job.
  2. Second of all, I’m just not happy.  I don’t like school.  I never wanted to go.  And now, I can get out!  (Hopefully).

I never thought I would be this excited to quit something in my life.

In other news, I beat Twilight Princess.

Definitely my second favorite game.  It came so close to being my favorite.

I freaking love that game.

I love how dark it is, but I also love the emotion.  The game play was awesome too, and the storyline.  The storyline was, oh Lord, SO good!  I just love it all.

I’ll be away this weekend, but when Monday comes around, Skyward Sword will be played.  Oh yes, it will be played.

That is all.  Back to my popcorn.

Good night.


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