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No Third Chance

I just got done with my first half of class.  I’m at break right now.

Darn you partner!  We got 12/25 on our first assignment.  And now, he has no case for the CD.  He wraps it up in paper.  Why didn’t you just turn it in without a cover?

I tried to let him have some responsibility, but now, I’m just mad.  Yes, he did give me what I wanted, but I know nothing about this band…I don’t think it’s even a band.

I know everyone in this “band” so I’ll just go to them directly.

I don’t know you guys.  I’m just mad.

But Heather is picking my up at 6 today, and I might go with her to get her tattoo (depending on if she got the appointment or not).  Tomorrow we’re going to see a band she’s promoting.  Sunday is church and then home.

And Monday is the start of Skyward Sword!

Too excited.

Alright, now I must go write this week’s posts.

Good bye.


Comments on: "No Third Chance" (2)

  1. damn ! That sucks.
    Hope it doesn’t impact your mark too much. And may you blow off steam tomorrow enjoying the band.

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