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I Shouldn’t, But I Do

I shouldn’t care who reads this, it’s just for me anyway.  But I’m not mad enough, nor brave, to say things I really want to say.  This isn’t a diary after all.

I got an answer, but not the way I wanted to get it.  I asked nicely, but got nothing.  I wasn’t acknowledged either.

I can’t ask people to do anything for me.  I can’t.  I won’t.

If you want something done, do it yourself.

New motto…

Sad, right?

Bankruptcy papers were signed today, and they will be filed next week.  We were going to move because of the upstairs neighbors, but we can’t.  Not for another year.  That’s not a bad thing, at least Mom is close enough to work to ride her bike.  And hopefully, if I get the job I want, it will be right down the hill.

You know what sucks?  Not being happy.  You know what else sucks?  Not knowing how you feel.

I’m out.

Good bye.


Comments on: "I Shouldn’t, But I Do" (1)

  1. sorry things are kicking you in the ass – i know how it feels to have everything bearing down without pressure.

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