This is just for fun, that's all…

We’re All Vinners!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Don’t you just love it?

I don’t.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.  Good for people with someone to share this day with (and every other day they’re together) and… well, if you’re single, you might not feel bad after watching this video.  Every Valentine’s Day I post this video.

Or, you could watch a video about how you’re never going to find love.

Now, please, do NOT be all like, “Oh, it’s alright, you’ll find someone some day.”  No!  Do NOT go there.  I KNOW this.  I’ve heard this every year since high school and on.  Just…no.  Do not want.

In other news… Ah yea, I was going to do a blog post about how we should treat friendships like we treat relationships.  But now, I have forgotten why I was thinking about that, and what I was going to write.  It was really good too.

I got my paper done by the way.  And I looked at hands (you know, as a reference).  At first I thought, “Ok, so my hands don’t have to look perfect.”  And then I looked at the official art, and that thought quickly went away.  But I guess they don’t have to look awesome.  But I’m not good at drawing, so I want to be good, you know?  It’s kind of like, I have nothing going for me, so I want something, you know?

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Except!  Tim-1 Derek-2  Tim is falling behind…  I had one dream with Tim Tebow in it, but I’ve had two with this guy named Derek in it.  Last night’s dream was crazy, and weird, and creepy and…just…no words.  Oh, and Heather-3.  She was in it last night.

Good bye.


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