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Perfect For The World Today

Sent By Raven’s new CD is called “Mean What You Say.”  This is a wonderful title.  The world is starting to become full of people who lie or, rather, just say things they don’t mean.  I understand that people have done that for ages, but it’s just getting so much more frequent.  Either that, or I’m just starting to notice this.

For example.  I was called a bad name yesterday.  He didn’t mean it, but it brought up a time when someone who did mean it, called me the same thing.  Now, at the time, it was funny.  But now that I think back to it, it made me remember a time when I felt hurt.  He didn’t know that I had that memory, but he shouldn’t have called me that in the first place.

Just be careful what you say to people, please.  Be wise in your choice of words.  Think before you speak.

I’m done with that.  Thank you for baring with me.

In other news, I am getting so pissed off with people, that I…well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  But for now, all I can say is, oh please God, let something change.

I’m on my way to class in a little bit.  I might have a rant for tomorrow’s blog post, depending on what happens tonight.

Good bye.


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