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Nothing Happened

What happened today?

I got up, took a shower, went to class, listened to my iPod, went home, paid rent, found out the upstairs neighbors are not moving, went over to Game Stop, listened to the new Kutless CD in the car on the way to the lawyers, came home, and watched t.v.

That’s all.

The new Kutless CD didn’t really impress me.  The first five songs were really weird.  The melodies, the instrumentation.  But the kick drum on the first song sounded amazing!  At song number six, it started to get better.  But it was still weird.  But I love the last song.

And then Adam started texting me.  And then I got bored.

I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.  But that is tomorrow, and today is today.  Smart.

Good bye.


Picky Picky

Today, Mom and I went to WalMart.

And counted out change.  When I went to school at 4 o’clock in the morning, I would find lots and lots of change.  Well, Mom finds change too, at work.  We counted it out today.  $74, I think.

I also learned hebrew.  Actually, I knew most of it, I just love re-learning.  God’s amazing.

Mom and I were talking about why I haven’t dated anyone.  And I realized, I’m picky.  We both are…when it comes to comfy chairs.  You know, the ones that swivel and rock and…RECLINE!  RECLINABLE CHAIRS!  That’s what they are!

But, back to me.  I realized I can find something wrong with every guy that has liked me and will like me.  (I can’t tell you how long it took me to type the word “guy” out.  One of these posts I will keep all of my typos).

This can be a good thing, or a bad thing.  Good thing, because it will mean that I will never choose a bad guy.  Bad thing, because I will be alone forever…  I’m betting on the first one.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I’m just being cautious.  And I’m pretty sure there will be one guy who does have one thing wrong, but it won’t be something I can’t and won’t look past (he likes his toilet paper under?  I will try my hardest to look past that…or change him.  Haha, just kidding).

I said, “God, I want someone to like me.  Someone hasn’t liked me in a while.”  God gave me what I wanted…only to have me say, “God, take it away.”  Next time I ask God for that, I’ll have to remind myself of past situations.  Oh dear God, no thank you.  Do not want.

Good bye.

Camera Shy

I went to the Zoo today, with Mom and Adam.  He and I went on the jungle gym.  That was fun.  The animals kept running away from me every time I put the camera up to my face, haha.  But the pictures I got were awesome!

Then we went to LifeWay and I got Kutless’ and Sent By Ravens’ new CDs.  And Adam and I had a nice little conversation while standing in the middle of a Christian store.  He seemed a little uncomfortable…haha.

Then we got two pizzas and Adam came inside and we all had pizza.  Then he left.

That’s how our day went.

Good bye.

I Am Disappoint

So, afternoon classes got cancelled because of a terrible storm.  Tornados and hail and stuff like that.

Yes, we over here got hail and lots of rain and awesome wind.  But no tornados.

Our neighbor across from us was so scared.

I got some good pictures though.

This was after the storm.

Which reminds me, I have to clean off my memory card because I’m going to the zoo tomorrow, WITH my new camera!  Speaking of the zoo…

This guy I have known since the start of school randomly sent me a message the other day asking me if I wanted to hang out.  Mom and I had planned on going to the zoo this weekend, so I invited him along.  He said, “I don’t know if you want it to be a date or just hang out.”  I decided on just hanging out because I would feel kind of awkward if it was a date.  Not because of him, but because…going on a date scares me a little.  Haha.

So yea, he might be joining us.

I can’t wait to use my new camera!

Good bye.

Happy March 1st!

Yea, yea, it’s March.  Finally.

I quit on my drawing.  I changed the hair around, and totally ruined it.  It’s not a priority anymore.  I’ll try again when I think I can do better.

SO!  My mom always tells me that I can’t sing.  And how can I say if this is true or not, since that is all I have heard all my life?  Well, haha, I was singing super low, like baritone low, and Mom goes, “Wow, that was really good.”  She was so sincere about it too.  She was highly impressed.  I said, “I can’t sing normal, but I can sing baritone?”  She said, “Yes, very well.”  Wow, thanks Mom.

Ok, on to something else.

Conspiracies anyone?

I watched a video on FEMA camps.  I’ll have that for you at the bottom of the post.

Now, there could be other reasons why these are around, and if you read the comments, then you’ll probably find some.  If you don’t read the comments:

  1. Natural disasters
  2. Illegal immigrants
  3. Prisoners
  4. Anti-christ holocaust

That’s right, I said it.

Seriously though, it reminds me of the concentration camps for the Jews.  And yes, seriously, I’m wondering if they are for when the anti-christ comes, because:

  1. How can this building protect against natural disasters?
  2. Why are there no immigrants in there now?
  3. Why are there no prisoners?

I know some of you don’t believe in the anti-christ, and you are probably thinking I’m crazy.  So what?  Is it a conspiracy?  Probably.  Could it be true?  Anything can be true these days.

But, moving away from that for a minute, I want to tell you something.

I realized the true meaning of “Go out and preach the Gospel.”

All that has to happen is for people to just hear about Jesus.  That is all Christians have to do, is just speak about Jesus.  Some of us are sowers, some of us are plants, and some of us are waterers.  But Jesus is the only one who can save someone’s life.  All we have to do let people know about Him.  Because, let’s say there will be an anti-christ, if someone who has heard about Jesus realizes that us Christians aren’t crazy—well, weren’t crazy, since we’ll be gone by then— then they still have a chance to be saved.  If someone has never heard about Jesus, they won’t know that there is another way to go.

I am a Christian, and this is what I believe.  Go talk to someone who is not a Christian, and you can hear their opinions and thoughts and outlooks on life.  But right now, you’re reading this from a Christian.  In case you didn’t already know.

I realized that I have not been writing enough about Jesus.  Not talking about, because people know my faith.  I mean, writing.  And I don’t mean my blog.  I mean everywhere else.  I have been so focused on writing about things I feel towards other people or relationships or heartache, instead of writing about those types of things to draw people in so they can know God.  I realized that I need to start letting people know that I understand, and how and why I understand, and how I got over it or out of it, with God’s help.  He has not been in my focus.

Have you ever heard a song by a Christian artist, and think, “This is not about God in any way?”  I sure have.  And then I read blogs and articles by these people who say, “Fans tell us how much these songs mean to them.”  Who are we to say God isn’t in these songs?  He was probably the inspiration behind them.  Or, He gave them the words.  Or, He was on the minds of the writers.

Why am I saying this?  Because I’m just a person.  I’m not a singer.  But, I need to change my thinking (metanoia, as I have talked about before) and tap into the way they think.  I need to realize that God has to be in everything I do, and write, and say, and act, so that I can reach people who have not been reached yet.  There are people out there that I am so close to, yet so far away from because I have yet to realize this and put it into action.

All from watching a video about a possible concentration camp.

I bid you a-do (that’s not how you write that…).  Thanks for…reading…if you did.

Here’s the video:

Good bye.

Happy Leap Day

Yay, happy leap day!  I know someone who turned 6…  Well, you know what I mean.

I ran the board for my Live Sound class.  It was fun!

And that’s about it.  Oh, I applied for Home Depot.  Easiest application questions ever.  I have a good feeling.

And that is all.

Good bye.

You say let it go,
You say let it go,
You say life is waiting for the ones who lose control.

Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey wrote that.

So today I applied for a job. A busser at a restaurant. I had been one almost six years ago.

“Oh, no, that was six years ago. We don’t want you” said the guy who was interviewing me.

My question is, “…What? Has bussing really changed in six years?”

“Well, let us open, then reapply. If we think you’re trainable, we’ll hire you.”

So I get in the car, and Mom knew right off the bat that they didn’t want me. So then, she starts telling me that I’m not getting out there and getting a job and I’m not doing anything. I think I have applied to about ten jobs in the past three years. That’s…not a lot, now that I think about it. Anyway.  I told her, “This is one door that only God can open.  No one else can open it.”

“What job do you want?” she asks me.
“My dream job” I answer.
“And what is that?”
“Merchandise manager.”
“Oh, so we’re on that again?”
“We’ve always been on that.”
“Well, you should focus on selling the merchandise first, then becoming a manager.”
“There is only a manager, there are no assistants. The assistants would be the people who volunteer.” Like I know, right? But that did keep her quiet for a minute.
“Well, I wouldn’t hire you. You don’t look like what people want. You don’t look the part, and you’re not energetic, and you don’t like to help. I wouldn’t hire you.”

This is where I get out my list.

  1. First of all, no one is hiring me, because everyone I talk to, already have merchandise managers.  
  2. do help.  I do help count the merchandise and help pack it up and wheel it out.  Honestly, that’s the only thing they have ever needed my help for.  And you know what?  I do it.
  3. I can’t believe she said I don’t look like what people want.  Are you KIDDING me?!

So I go to class, and my friend, who just happens to be in a band, and who just happens to maybe, possibly, be going out on tour this summer, and who just happens to love me (I love you too), tells me that, if things go well and God pours his blessings on the whole situation, I just might become a merchandise manager this summer.


So I come home, and tell Mom, and I can tell she remembers what she said.

I swear to God.

The reason I put up that song is because I figure out that if I stop trying to get away from where I am, and just be glad that I am where I am, then things will work out.

Well, I just “lost control” of my life, and my life was waiting for that moment.

The minute you let go and stop trying, the faster that thing that you’re trying to get to, will come to you.  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.  And I can’t tell you how many times I forget this.  So please, for me, never forget this.

Good bye.

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