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SUPER Update!

11-  Winter Jam.

12- Don’t remember.

13- Movie.  October Baby.  Did I tell you I walked out of class the week before this?  I don’t remember.

14- Movie?  21 Jump Street?  No, I think that was last week.

15- Don’t remember.

16- Don’t remember.

17- Don’t remember.

18- Don’t remember.

19- Final?  Did I even have class on Mondays?

20- Either the day I walked out of class or the movie I saw.  Probably the movie I saw.  Yea.  October Baby.  Highly recommended.  Or not.  Maybe that was the 7th……..  Ok, yea, 13th was the movie, this was the day of the final.  Probably failed.

21- Final.  Got a 90.  Passed the class.

22- Don’t remember.

23- Proficiency.  Got a 41.  Probably failed.  Went to a friend’s house and ate like I hadn’t eaten in years.

24- Still eating.  Stayed up till 6 talking.  Wasn’t tired.

25- Woke up at 9, went back to sleep until 11:30.  Missed church.  Came home and got ready for Monday and Tuesday.

26- (Monday) Went to the studio at 3 p.m. till 7 or  8 p.m. to help John.

27- (Tuesday) Went back at 3 and helped till 7 or 8, then he had another session.  Stayed till 1:30a.m.  John said he had another session at 10 a.m.  I said I would be there.

28- (Wednesday) Got there at 10 a.m.  Helped until 4.  Came back at 4:30 and stayed till 10.

29- Slept.  I think I started watching The Walking Dead.

30- Finished watching The Walking Dead?  Yes.  Good show by the way.

I knew it was going to be like this.  I knew I would forget to write.  I’ve just been busy…  Sure.



Italian Food And Humor

Skipped class.

Mom and I went to Olive Garden.  I feel bad for the first guy to ever take me there.  I’m so not proper, especially in a place like that.  Haha.  The food was just awesome, by the way.

Then we went to see 21 Jump Street.  Funny.  Sexual, lots of swearing, but it was so funny.

Good bye.

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