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Do I Not Look 21?

I came home early because neither of us are going to class on Tuesday, so we don’t have to turn in out business plans (I’m going to a movie).

I met Shawn, Heather’s lead singer of the band she’s in.  He’s super awesome.  Kind of like her but with  “watered down energy” (she liked that).  By the way, he’s cool with me being the merchandise manager.

Then we came home (to my place) then to a bar.  I got asked to show my I.D.  I felt special.  By the way, I was let in.  My first time being in a bar, and being old enough to be there.

Shawn and his wife Ginger were there, plus some other people.  Shawn told Ginger that I wanted to be the merchandise manager.  She nodded and looked at me then proceeded to tell me all about her life and stuff.

“Life on the road is going to be crazy” Shawn said to me later that night.

That’s right people, I am now the official merchandise manager for the Shawn Fuller band.  What?!  We’re going out on tour (that’s so cool to say) this summer.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all up to date.

So yea, good day.

By the way, Mom and I have to move because the upstairs neighbors aren’t.

Good bye.


Nothing Happened

What happened today?

I got up, took a shower, went to class, listened to my iPod, went home, paid rent, found out the upstairs neighbors are not moving, went over to Game Stop, listened to the new Kutless CD in the car on the way to the lawyers, came home, and watched t.v.

That’s all.

The new Kutless CD didn’t really impress me.  The first five songs were really weird.  The melodies, the instrumentation.  But the kick drum on the first song sounded amazing!  At song number six, it started to get better.  But it was still weird.  But I love the last song.

And then Adam started texting me.  And then I got bored.

I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.  But that is tomorrow, and today is today.  Smart.

Good bye.

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